"I'm worried about Sans. His brother was taken to the UMH, I'm worried he may suffer the exact same fate. That's why I don't sleep. But my narcolepsy forces me to..."
– Scora, talking about her insomnia and narcolepsy.

Scora is Createsans's MentalTale OC. She suffers narcolepsy, insomnia and depression. She works at Grillby's since she lost her job as a Royal Guardswoman. She often pays Muffet a visit. She lives with Sans.



She often has surges of exhaustion, yet barely sleeps. She is constantly watching Sans, to make sure no one can get him. She developed depression after the love of her life, Papyrus, was taken to the UMH. She no longer sees the point is doing a lot of work. She works at Grillby's as a waitress.


She has purple skin and light purple hair. Her schleras are black and her pupils are red. She has darker purple circles around her eyes, showing her exhaustion. She has 4 arms. She wears her hair down while at home and in a ponytail at work. Her hair reaches her waist.

She wears a white T-shirt, jeans and black sport shoes. Sometimes, she wears a red scarf. When working at Grillby's, she wears a lavender collared shirt, a black sleeveless vest, a black skirt with a white apron and black flats. She has a bracelet with Papyrus's name on it.