Lua comes into MentalTale long after Blue and Luca form a relationship. Nonetheless, she is their child, and lives with them in UMH.


Lua wears a purple sun dress and fuzzy purple boots.


Lua has a personality much like Blue's, but can act like Lucario under the right circumstances.

Death (Undecided whether canon or not)

One night, while Blue and Lua are in the city, Lua gets separated from Blue and herded to a less active part of the city. Blue noticed the disappearance of Lua and began looking for her. Lua was being herded by a serial killer known as Calibri. Calibri wanted nothing more (at the time) than to collect Lua's dust and put it into an hourglass. Right before Lua was about to be killed, Blue appeared and blocked the attack. A fight ensued, that ended in that part of town being reduced to rubble (as Blue fought with all her might to protect her child, and Calibri fought hard to collect Lua). While Blue's legs were trapped under some rubble that Calibri had collapsed onto her, Calibri walked up to Lua, grabbed her around the throat, and had carried her over to in front of Blue before killing her. After killing Lua, Calibri pulled out a solid gold hourglass that contained the word "LUA" scratched into the top and bottom. After transferring Lua's dust into the hourglass, he left Blue almost dead right before some paramedics arrived and saved her.