Gerson lives up on the surface, relatively close to Mettaton. He claims to know everyone in town, but suffers from Dementia.


Gerson is a very sweet monster, despite forgetting who everyone is. He's always happy to have company over, and could care less about being threatened with going to UMH; he knows he's old and may not have much time left, so he spends his days doing as much as he can.


Gerson is usually wearing his old adventuring outfit, but can be seeing wearing other things like jeans and t-shirts. He always has a small journal with him; he uses it to write things down so if someone asks him something, he can look at the notes and try to remember what they're talking about.



Gerson enjoys Mettaton's sassy nature and will tease him from time to time. He also likes calling Mettaton 'Sonny'.

W. D. Gaster

Gerson likes telling stories to Gaster, especially about the things he encountered on his adventures. However, over time the stories have become twisted and are now logically impossible. Despite this Gaster listens intently.