Cooper was a police officer on the surface who was tasked with taking Calibri down. Though due to some circumstances, they were submitted to the UMH. He suffers from PTSD, Schizophrenia, and Paranoia. Cooper has a Purple SOUL.


Cooper is one who believes fully in the law, though it turned into their downfall. They now try to avoid all contact with other Humans and Monsters due to their paranoia.


Cooper was a police officer from (the city near Mt. Ebott) that tried to take down Calibri. Calibri soon noticed that a cop had sniffed up their trail, so they encounter them, and told them that if they continue to pursue them, that there would be horrifying consequences. Cooper ignored the warnings and persevered against him. The next morning, there was a reported murder. At the scene, there was blood everywhere, and two skeletal bodies mounted in a T-shaped pose, on in front of the other. On the ceiling of the domed building which they were found in was written a message to Cooper in bold, bloody letters. YOU WERE WARNED!

After some investigating, it was eventually found that it was Cooper's Wife and Child. After a funeral, they continued to attempt to take Calibri down. Calibri once again warns him that their perseverance will result in sorrow and woe. Cooper once again ignored these warnings, and continued to pursue Calibri. Three months after that ignored warning, Cooper gets a package from Calibri which contained a throne made from all of Cooper's family members. After this event, Cooper finally snapped, and was submitted to the UMH.