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"It's amazing how such a small muscle can do so much work, don't you think?"
– Calibri to a Human as he is surgically extracting her heart.

Calibri is a sadistic serial killer that lives on the surface. He is a heavily murderous psychopath that enjoys the sight of blood. They have a scientific mind, and have determined a way to cure the mental illnesses of every patient in the UMH and on the surface, including themselves. They choose not to cure themselves because they enjoy killing too much.


Calibri is a sadistic, murderous psychopath that enjoys the sight of blood and killing things. He also grew an obsession over time. Just because he likes the sight of blood doesn't immediately mean that Monsters are safe. Due to his obsession over time, he kills Monsters for their dust, which he makes into hourglasses.


Calibri has an oval, white face. He has red, expressionless eyes. Thick, brown, untamed hair that is streaked with blood. He has a tall, slim body. He wears a cotton, white tee-shirt and denim jeans with leather straps covering sections of his body. These leather straps keep leather sheaths that carry steel knives and daggers.

Powers & Abilities

Calibri has the ability to teleport through objects and strait into targets. Calibri also has the ability to strew arc energy through his blades that grant many untold abilities to them, including cutting through 12 inches of armor plating. He calls this ability "bladedancing", yet doesn't like using it because it vaporizes flesh and blood, though he will use it if cornered or threatened.